Starting BackupPC

The BackupPC server is started by using the init.d script created as part of the installation. This means it is automatically started after a reboot.
Using the CGI Interface
By default, the CGI interface should be accessible via the URL http://localhost/cgi-bin/
BackupPC/BackupPC_Admin. Depending upon your Apache setup, you might need
to create an htaccess file for user authentication.
Configuration Files
Starting in version 3.0, the host and configuration settings can be edited using the
CGI interface. You can also configure the server by manually editing the configuration and host files. To do this, change directory to the data directory defined during
installation. Then change directory into the conf directory. In version 3.0 and later,
the default configuration directory is /etc/BackupPC/conf. In the conf directory, there
are two files that must be edited before BackupPC is usable. The first file is the hosts
file. It contains all the hosts that the server will back up. The format of the file is:
host dhcp user moreUsers
where host is the hostname of the client, dhcp is set to 0 if the machine can be found
via normal name lookups, or 1 if the service needs to look in the DHCP pool, user is
the name/email of the primary owner of that machine, and moreUsers is a commaseparated list of users who are able to access this host via the web GUI.
The file in this directory is the master config file. As the name implies, this is
a Perl file, and all variables are set using Perl syntax, which allows arrays to be used
for values. This file defines the number of backups running ($Conf{MaxBackups}), the
number of full backups to hold ($Conf{FullKeepCnt}), and the length of time between
full backups ($Conf{FullPeriod}). Read this file; it is well commented and includes
many settings that you may want to change.

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